ISO furnished apt in SD for short term rental


New member
May 20, 2006
Hi all--
I'm in search of a short-term furnished apt to rent in Santo Domingo. I'll be there on a work assignment from mid-Jan til the end of March. I need a place that is secure (don't like ground floor apts), as I am a woman living alone. I would like to have reliable power, water and internet (a must with the job). I also need a place that is really furnished (including linens and kitchen stuff), well-kept, and would be ready for me to move in and start living there. I don't have time to deal with setting up utilities, buying lots of stuff for the apt, etc.

The neighborhoods I like are Zona Colonial, Gazcue, Bella Vista and Piantini, but I'd be willing to entertain others for the right place. I'm looking to keep it under US$1000/mo.

I have lived in the DR previously, for several years in the SE, just don't have as many connections in the capital. Prior to posting I did a search about furnished apartments (read the relevant posts), as well as checking out the rental section, but I didn't come up with many possibilities.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Know anyone with a place that might suit my needs?

Thanks in advance for your help.