It's been an interesting experiment

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D'Arcy (Apostropheman)

Karma, it's worth waiting for ;)
Apr 10, 2022
Here and there
A roller coaster ride really

I appreciate the invite and I've enjoyed some of the experience but I'll give it **/***** for all the hassle

Time to go back to what's worked for me most of the time and just lurk, now, with the added bonus of liking/disliking/laughing/loving/being shocked/saddened and/or possibly displaying anger....not that I use that much if at all. ;)

I'll post if/when/how and where I like, or not, and use many emoticons, even the ones some don't like me to use, as long as they're an option... LOL :p

Don't worry, I'll be around but perhaps, hopefully not bothering to post much, but you just never know LOL.

It's simply not been worth it/the effort, and I have better things to do....and you should too! ;)

So take the win!

Be glad I'm choosing, for the time being at least, to step away...
Not open for further replies.