Janel Andrés Ramírez promises to transform the Chamber of Accounts


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Feb 20, 2019

Upon being sworn in at the Senate on 15 April 2021 as the new president of the Chamber of Accounts, Janel Andrés Ramirez promised to deliver and transform the government auditing agency. “We thank God for the opportunity to assume such an important challenge of raising the image of such an important institution as the Chamber of Accounts,” he said. “To all of you and to the Dominican society in general, we assure you that we will carry out our work always respecting human dignity and basing our audit reports on sufficient and competent evidence,” he said. He acknowledged he is aware of the demands for transparency and honesty in government auditing.

He was sworn in together with Elsa María Castaños Ramírez, vice president; Tomasina Tolentino, secretary and members Mario Arturo Fernández Burgos and Elsa María Peña Peña.

“All of us will work as one body. We are...

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JD Jones

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Jan 7, 2016
They seem like a very qualified group. Best of luck to them.