JCE to issue first vote count bulletin after 20% of the results are in


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Feb 20, 2019

By electoral law, the JCE has until 21 May to complete the counting of the votes resulting from the 19 May 2024 presidential and congressional elections. The 18 February 2024 municipal election proved the vote counting system in place is effective and a vote count can be expected much before the deadline.

Central Electoral Board (JCE) Resolution No. 40-2024 establishes that the Electoral Boards and the Coordination Offices for Electoral Logistics Abroad (OCLEE) will issue their first bulletins once 20% of the results received have been processed or at 8:30pm, either of the two comes first.

From then on, the electoral boards will issue partial bulletins as the results are transmitted from the polling stations. The results tally will be updated every 15 minutes, max.

Once the electoral stations electronically transmit the voting reports (including both...

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