JCE urges Ministry of Hacienda to release funds for the political campaigning


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Feb 20, 2019

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) told political parties it has sent a second communication to the Ministry of Hacienda urging the disbursing of the full 0.5% of the national income that corresponds to political parties in electoral years, or more than RD$2.5 billion.

The JCE says it has sent communications to Hacienda Minister Jochy Vicente, and Budget director Jose Rijo Presbot for the disbursing of the resources. Politics is funded by taxpayer money in the Dominican Republic.

The JCE says it has responded to the request from the Permanent Forum of Political Parties of the Dominican Republic (Fopppredom) and the opposition parties — Dominican Liberation (PLD), People’s Force (FP), and Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD).

Recent polls by Gallup and Centro Economico del Cibao show the opposition trailing the ruling party presidential candidate. Polls show President Luis Abinader leading by...

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