JetBlue to cut routes to better service “high-performance” countries such as the Dominican Republic


Apr 11, 2004
New York – U.S. low-cost carrier JetBlue is preparing to cut some 20 routes in the United States and Latin America this summer 2024, which will be rewarded with increased frequency to “high-yield” destinations, including the Dominican Republic.


Economist by Profession
Jan 20, 2003
Well, now that the rumor has taken force that the FAA investigation leaves the DR with its category 1, airlines from the USA will need to increase their connections and lower their prices if the want to effectively compete with the likes of Arajet once it starts to fly to the USA. There will always be Dominicans that will choose the likes of Delta, Jetblue, etc over Arajet due to many reasons (Delta’s business class is one of them, plus there is the perception that Delta is a more prestigious airline than Jetblue which is the one more similar to Arajet), but I think most will become loyal to Arajet once it starts to fly to the places Dominicans go to the most.