Jfk to Santo Domingo SOLD OUT

bob saunders

Jan 1, 2002
We'll just have to agree to disagree. On this forum everyone "knows" someone who is building this and that. In reality, the cost of living in NYC are high and theyre barely making it themselves. Yet somehow theyre sending money and building additions to homes in the DR. Hogwash!
NYC has a huge Dominican population but most of the Dominicans I know in the states live in Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts , and Florida. My wifes family live in Utah, Texas, Florida, and Missouri. Many, many Dominicans live on Long Island, much cheaper than NYC.


Double soy latte-sugar free syrup w/ 1% milk
Apr 1, 2014
Nah! The Domyorks are sending remittances. When they return they aren't spending money in hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. They are living with tio, tia, and abuela receiving home cooked meals.
Not sure where your source of information comes from
(cereal boxes? Saturday morning cartoons? the local hair salon?)
but you got that one wrong.


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Sep 27, 2017
Not all Dominicans in the states are dishwashers.

Some can not bring themselves to admit that there exists Dominicans that may be better off than them financially, even within their home nations.
The party of five in front of me at Iberia consisted of a father who is a college professor, and a mother who is a sitting administrative judge...along with their three teenage children from Connecticut.
I know this because they were not shy in chatting up the checkout girl, and they also rented a property near mine in Juan Dolio.
Yes, we are not all dishwashers, motoconchos, street urchins, and/or drug dealers.