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May 5, 2002
jim..meant to post as a reply under "what card should i buy"

thanks for replying. i have used this site to buy a card to call the DR from the US. i have had many problems with this card i purchased (dominican talk or something like that, no connection fee) i could not get through to one specific number at all for 2 months, called customer service time and time again . they said they would fix the sattelite problem and reimburse me. they never did! also i was frequently cut off during conversations to other dominican numbers.
i purchased i card through another online company and have had absolutely none of these problems.
well, i just went to that website you suggested and it says they do not have any cards available to call the US from the DR. any other ideas?
why am i not able to delete this message so that i can post it is a reply which i meant to under my previous post about calling cards?
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