Jobs in Puerto Plata


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Mar 18, 2009

Hello everyone, i am completely new overhere.

This coming october i am moving to Puerto Plata, and ia have a few general questions.

First of all i am looking for a job, i have studied for Real Estate and i am working for Google at the moment, i am account-manager and looking for a nice job from October this year so if you have any suggestions please hook me up.

Also important my healthinsurance, i am quiting my healthinsurance since i leave from my country and i would like to get some information about the healthinsurances also if i am not a citizen of DR, i am still a tourist when i am stay in DR for a while. I heard the insurances of Universal are well-known.

Could somebody give me some more info or connections for a good job?

Many thanks


Jan 23, 2007
Jobs in the DR

As you must have noticed from your reading the forum, jobs are plentiful and very highly paid in Puerto Plata. It's quite wise to quit a job with a notoriously stingy and difficult employer like Google and move to the DR with no other source of support. I'm sure some Dominican company will quickly hire you at a much higher rate than Google would pay.

You can also rely on the warm hearted young women you are sure to meet here. I'm sure that if you help them and give them what they want it will all come back to you.
Jan 17, 2009

I don't know where you live now, but think about it a hundred times before you quit a job with Google to come find "a nice job" in Puerto Plata or anywhere else in the DR. This is not a country where jobs are aplenty, much less well paid jobs.