John Krawchuk (aka “JOHN COCO”) Died in Puerto Plata ca. 2011


Dec 12, 2009
IMHO, anyone who moves to the DR , and does not even leave a Digital Footprint of any kind, ..and then passes away without family knowing about it , even from new Friends he made while in the DR .. No Passport handed in ?

Such a person , perhaps just did not want to be found .. when he was alive at least .
I am stunned that someone can die in a Hospital , this day and age , as a John Doe .. with no records or even a Death Certificate..

I sent you a PM by the way . but I think you need like 10 Posts ? before you can retrieve Private Messages


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Jan 9, 2009
South Coast
If I recall correctly, there was an American male living in Puerto Plata a while ago. He had many health and financial issues but was very much an animal lover. He died after posting on DR1 for several years. Was his handle something like "birdman"?

Edited to add:

The person I was thinking about was called Anthony, not John. Please ignore my post.
I think you mean Skynet