Joseph Abreu of Participacion Ciudadana favors interpellation of Police chief; the National Council of the Magistracy should choose Attorney General


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Feb 20, 2019

“The director of the Police should be questioned for deaths in the detachments,” Joseph Abreu, coordinator of the civic society group, Participación Ciudadana said during an interview with journalists of El Caribe newspaper and CDN media on Tuesday, 17 May 2022. He was accompanied by PC’s Sonia Díaz, board member and Fátima Lorenzo, executive director. They were interviewed by Nelson Rodríguez, director of El Caribe; the director of CDN, Alba Nelly Familia, and CDN news analysts, Julissa Céspedes and Katherine Hernández.

The director of the National Police, Major General Eduardo Alberto Then had been invited last week to the Chamber of Deputies to explain recent deaths of persons in custody of the Police. Instead, he was represented by the Interior and Police Minister Jesus Vasquez and the Police Commissioner Jose de Vila.

On Tuesday, 17 May 2022, the...

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