jpublic school closure today


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Jan 13, 2002
Why were children locked out of their schools today? Why have the teachers not been paid for two months?
Why is education of children not of value in DR?
Why is the government not held accountable for this ?


Jan 1, 2002
...why is the sky blue? Why does my skin get wrinkled when I stay too long in the water? Why do dogs bark? why... why... why...

We all want answers. I don't have them all. But here are my RD$0.33 cents: we have a country ruled by a bunch of crooks whose only concern is grabbing as much money as they can when in power and while at it they will stump on a country where people are way too patient (not to say pendejos). Half the people live with the hope of catching the next train to El Palacio Nacional, and the other half live with the hope that a blinding lightning from the sky will blow our politicians to smitherings. God must be busy these days.

Why would public education be a priority for the government? The funcionarios' children don't go to public schools.

Sorry, I can't add much to what you know. I just needed to vent my frustration. <IMG src="">

Proud daughter of a Dominican teacher

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Jan 2, 2002
Dom. Gov. just borrowed again for Jan.

I some times put it like this;The Dominican Republic is the best country in the world in which to live! unless you are poor!!! Then it becomes the worst! Criss Colon


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Jan 1, 2002
My School Days. An essay By Pepe

I remember growing up in the DR. I was born during Trujillo's days and they used to call us "pollitos de Trujillo". Meaning that he owned our generation. Going to primary school was mandatory, and the word in the street was that if a child did not showed up for school, the police would come down nocking at your door. If I ever got sick, my father would have to come to school in person and explain the case. There was no excuse for been hungry. Breakfast was served to every child in school. It consisted of a cup of Tropico -a chocolate drink, and a cheese sandwich. The picture of El Jefe was in front of our notebooks and in the pencils, and every year we had to take part in a parade in his honor all the way across George Washinton Ave. I am not an advocate of the Trujillo regime, but the way things are going now, makes you look at the guy in a different way. My parents did make an effort to keep me in school after he was gone, they would have done their best even without him, but many other children got educated because of his disposition. Now... well, I don't see too many people caring.
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