Juan Dolio and stories I've heard


Apr 2, 2019
I used to live in Juan Dolio for a year. Around 2016. I'm American as well but not white. I can blend in a little more at times.

My experience was good. Safe, I hung out on the blvd many nights. Having a beer, eating, or just chatting. The beach isn't so great in my opinion. You can get robbed anywhere in the Dr. I've lived here for quite some time and find it to be safer as opposed to a few years ago. Most of it just respecting other people when you get to town. Make good with the colmado people, your security guard in your building, and the community who wants to maintain a relationship. There's a wonderful Swiss lady with a bar and restaurant. It is calm and relaxed. There used to be a margarita place there that closed.

The issue is some seasons are really hard on local businesses there. It's mostly dead in the week. The weekend you have people from the capital who come to their condos (or their kids)

I do know stories of robberies of larger homes. Those people aren't around anymore, or should i say attempted robberies? I would have security if i had a home here. I personally feel safer in a building, but you miss out on your space.

All in all, it's a decent place. Prices for rent are fair. Buying, however, is expensive to me for the towers, I am not sure why as there is not much to do there. There's a gated community called metro. They have some reasonably priced apartments there (for a gated community).
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Joe Boots

Jun 16, 2008
Hi all, I remember my trips to Boca Chica in the early 90's. At that time the area was shady and you had to be careful of your surroundings. Recently I had visited Juan Dolio and was thinking of moving there part time in the coming years.
During this 2018 visit, I was being told these horror stories about common thievery and assault that I'd love to verify from locals currently living there...Below are some stories I've been told:

1. I shouldn't roll my vehicle windows down on the highway because if the thieves see a white tourist they will pull up on motorcycles and rob you at gun point right there on the highway.

2. Thieves would hit your moving car (either on foot or bicycle) and when you pull over to help them more individuals would jump out of the trees with machetes and rob you.

3. Should you worry if getting to your home requires you drive on a desolate road? i.e. The top of Calamares turning right heading into the Golf Coarse Resort above the highway in Juan Dolio.

4. There are prostitutes everywhere...is there local dance bars where married couples can enjoy themselves without the harassment from this?

I think maybe the fear mongering is uncalled for but wanted to hear from people who actually live there for some real life experiences.

Thank you,

Do those incidents happen? Yes.... Is is the Wild West in the Dominican Republic No.... Crime occurs in all countries and areas with money from tourists also happen everywhere. Juan Dolio is really two areas in one but is beginning to merge. the "New" Juan Dolio is Condominium heavy with small local businesses. And "old" Juan Dolio. Beach bar and hotel heavier. I have a condo in Juan Dolio for 6 years and only have been the victim of one attempted burglary in a mostly uninhabited vacation property. I would actually expect it would have been more if in the states. Its all relative. Taxi drivers have described which areas on the highway are risky. Same has been told to me in the USA areas. If crime is your major concern take in consideration if you own a property unattended too in a somewhat hidden piece of land you are asking for a burglary anywhere in the world. I would not let what you have heard about crime be the determining factor as to buying property in DR. You just need to be smart about it. Keep in mind that the real estate person is not the one to ask that type of advice from as they want to sell, not give that type of advise. Do your homework, meet and talk to people and do not rush.

Hope this helps a bit, ask me anything about Juan Dolio anytime,