Juan Jose de la Cruz Morales deported on drug trafficking charges


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Feb 20, 2019
Juan José de la Cruz-Morales, of the Miches area in the east, accused in the drug trafficking and money laundering case Operation Falcón, is the first to be extradited to Puerto Rico to face seven criminal charges in the US justice. He was known as the “Cacique del Este”. A special airplane landed at San Isidro Air Base to transport the accused.

Juan José de la Cruz Morales alias Wandy is said to be a lieutenant of the drug trafficking network led by Erick Randhiel Mosquea Polanco. Mosquea Polanco is at large.

“This successful extradition of De La Cruz Morales is a reflection of years of collaboration and cooperation by the Department of Justice and our law enforcement partners who are committed to fighting transnational criminal organizations,” said United States Attorney for the District of Puerto Rico, W. Stephen Muldrow. Puerto Rico-based prosecutors had been on the trail of de la Cruz Morales since 2017.

De La Cruz Morales was arrested during Operation Falcon, led by...

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