Judge imposes 18 months in prison to 15 of 23 people implicated


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Feb 20, 2019

Judge Iris Borgen Santana, of the Permanent Attention Services Office of this judicial district has ordered 18 months of preventive detention for 15 of 23 implicated in the Operation Falcon, an alleged network of money laundering and drug trafficking based in Santiago and operating in other parts of the country. Others were allowed house arrest or to post bail. The judge declared the case complex on Friday, 8 October 2021.

Those being sent to jail are suspended director of Comunidad Digna, Juan Maldonado Castro (Marcial and/or El Líder), María Olimpia Tavárez Rodríguez (Oli and/or La Princesa), Julio César Jiménez Talavera (Dominican-Venezuelan), Erich Fernando Meléndez Gómez, Víctor Elpidio Altagracia Paulino Herrera (El Gordo), and Adolfo Antonio Torres Sanabia (Tony and/or Presidente).

Also, Luis Daniel Nieves Batista, José Alejandro de la Cruz...

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