June/July or July/August


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Oct 30, 2010
My question is for people who have had several summer experiences in the DR. A little background info I'm a 1st generation Dominican - American. My parents were both born, and raised there. I still have all my family back on the island. I have gone to the DR every other summer since I was born. In the last calender year I have gone 3 times totaling a stay of 5 months. This summer I plan on going, and staying two months with an Aunt and cousins of mine who lives in the Sabana Perdida section of SD.

I have stayed with her twice before, but both trips were for 2 weeks only. I have gotten to know the locals since I've been visiting since I was a small child, and know the area pretty well. I have never gone to the DR in August. I have gone in either May/June/July.

From what everyone tells me summer doesn't officially begin in DR until July and ends at the end of August. I'm told if I want to really have fun I should go and stay July/August. I really want to optimize my experience in the DR since I will start Law School soon, and don't know whens the next time I'll have a summer off. Of course having fun is a subjective event, and everything is what you make of it. What I mean is in terms of big festival like activities which combination would lead to a better time. I'm told more big organized events are hosted in August as opposed to June. and more big activities I don't mean the corner store down the street staying up until 4:00 AM. I mean things like the festival of merengue and stuff like that. Any insight/help would be greatly appreciated thanks!


Sep 19, 2010
August is definitely the busiest month of summer in terms of festivals, concerts etc. Not even close to February or Semana Santa but if you had to choose between summer months, I'd go for August.