Just Read - Was in the Mood to Write


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Oct 22, 2012
My novia had been looking at typical Dominican TV all day. Around noon was a program which featured artists performing live, while old men and scantily clad young ladies dance. The bailarinas tend to dance very sexy, and often slutty. Its hard not to take a second look at the ladies, but I can only stand so much. Later, she watched a program where adults were having a pajama party. One of the participants, Amara la Negra, has one of the most widely played songs on the radio in recent months. Predictably, much of the conversation on the show centered around sex, as the various women, and two men, performed different "dares" - a la 5th grade sleep over.
The last show she watched was about a Dominican street kid turned Christian singer. It had all the stock interviews: formerly desperate mom, now proud and vindicated, the younger sister who is glad her older brother straitened up, and the former delinquent buddy who came along for the ride to the right side of life. After her having the remote control until 9:40 tonight, I decided it was my turn. I grabbed the control and scanned for the channel the UFC fight would be coming on at 10.
When I located channel 355, the channel of the fight, I immediately flipped to it, mostly because the delinquent turned singer really couldn't sing that well. I was tired of it all. When the image from channel 355 came into focus, I smiled. It was only 9:40 and the UFC still had about 20 minuted before it started. It seems the show that was on at 9:40 was Lingerie League Football. I explained to my novia (the mother of my month old daughter) that this was football played by ladies in America. I immediately realized the juxtaposition of Dominican TV showing your dream girl on TV in a mini-dress dancing as the cameraman explores every angle, and the American version of the same thing - girls playing football in lingerie.
The lingerie football game had apparently ended by 9:40, because the winning team was being interviewed. During all the interviews the cameras were focused on the players' upper body, so it was not immediately clear that they were playing in bikini bottoms. The look on my novia's face when they started to show replays of the action was classic. Her jaw dropped. "Wooooww," she said. Once again the contrast was evident. The chicas dancing didn't bother her. The sleep-over, sex talk show didn't bother her. But women playing football in lingerie, with all that culo showing? Now, that was just too much!