Justice for Trufa! Dog abuser fined RD$300,000


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Feb 20, 2019

Last week, almost every possible social media carried an alarming video of Trufa, a female French bulldog, being kicked and abused by her “owner.” The attack was, according to the video, was totally unprovoked. Prosecutors arrested the dog owner, acting under Law 76-02 on cruelty to animals. The owner, a dentist named Oscar Nanita Geronimo, was sent before judge Jose Alejandro Vargas, at the time the coordinator for Courts for Instruction for the National District. [Vargas was promoted last week to judge of the Constitutional Court.]

Nanita Geronimo’s defense managed to work out a deal that avoided him going to prison. He agreed to participate in 15 sessions on anger control, to carry out community service at the “My Mascot Foundation” for abused and abandoned pets; pay a RD$300,000 fine, and make a public apology on television. In addition, he is to remain in his home during...

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