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May 29, 2011
Yesterday I was driving to Esperanza, the home town of Rosa. We stopped for gasoline and a young boy of 12 who worked polishing shoes asked for a ride. I was a bit confused as to why he was alone and why he was so far from Esperanza. I later learned he came to Santiago (about 25 miles) a few times a week to work. I was stunned that a parent would send one of their children so far away to work, and in such a dangerous location, alone. Rosa said this is unfortunately all too common here in the Dominican Republic. He is working to help his family survive. It looked like he lived with a single parent, his father likely long gone. Not the wisest choice of his mom to put her son in such a dangerous position, however without his income the family might not eat. I thought about what I was doing when I was 12. Hopefully Kelvin will be lucky enough to choose the right people to ride home with.

I hope I can help Kelvin a bit from time to time, even if it is only to minimize the danger he faces daily. Perhaps I should return the 42? LED TV and speaker system I had to reorganize to fit Kelvin in the car. ...tom


Jan 1, 2002
Typical and typical feelings on your part. All indicative of a failed government policy regarding children and families. There are child labor laws, but who is going to tell Kelvin he can't work to survive? It is not you who has to re-arrange your "stuff" is all those corrupt politicians and hangers-on that need to eliminated.



Sep 20, 2009
I do not think the OP meant it that way but I understand the feelings and maybe if we live here as long as you do HB, we develop the same 'emotions' as you but as for now, I think I will stick with the emotions of the OP. Sometimes little things can make a difference for one individual.