Kembe La



My area here in Florida - Lantana - in Palm Beach County -is filled with Hatians from St, Marc - where I lived back in '79. Late last night, just before closing, I was in a local supermarket at the checkout and three Haitians were speaking Kreyole to the clerk. I leaned in - as I always do when I hear Kreyole - which I do not speak but often strain to understand.. I guess I was staring - and they looked back with suspicion. I broke out my French - and explained that I had lived there...

There faces were immediately wreathed in smiles... since most of the Haitians here are well educated in the perfect French of Haiti. I am often sad that there are so very many of them here - when Haiti needs ALL of them there... But.. well..

As I left them, I saluted them with one of my few Haitian Kreyole phrases "Kembe La" - "Hold the line"

I left one of my bags at the check out counter and the clerk ran out to me in the parking lot, crying "Madame, Madame...." ..

This morning,, I found this poem - "Kembe La"


Sosua Sonny

Why would someone do this? Sounds like the work of the devil…


.....Annie you are right about them needing those people back in Haiti....The one they need the the missing President......


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Oct 20, 2019
Thanks for posting. I can't imagine how difficult it is for Haitian ex-patriates, not able to send support or help, but also grateful to not be there.