Kimberly Taveras to take leave of absence to clear her name


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Feb 20, 2019

Youth Minister Kinsberly (Kimberly) Taveras said on Monday, 19 October 2020, she has requested a leave of absence without pay from her duties at the Ministry of Youth to dedicate time to the investigations into her worth statement and her private businesses, as reported in Acento. The case is being reviewed by Wilson Camacho, the Anti-Corruption Agency (Pepca) prosecutor. She has been summoned for questioning on Friday, 23 October.

The review of her wealth came after investigative journalist Nuria Piera interviewed her to ask about how she had accumulated more than RD$77 million in assets. The minister is 33 years old and is a self-made millionaire. Previously, she was known as the mayor of the small town of La Guayiga, and then as mayor of Pedro Brand in northern Santo Domingo. Only after the presentation of her wealth statement have her successful ventures come into...

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