La campensina llego lejo, la cunada mio

Tom F.

Jan 1, 2002
This is a nice article about one of my sister-in-laws from the Listen Dario. It is in Spanish, but explains how she left the campo at 15 and went to high school in Washington Heights. She later became a principal in the same school and is currently superintendent of high schools in Queens, New York. Not bad for a girl who grew up without grid electricity and no running water in the house, eventhough she did have a nanny.

La Rep?blica - Francesca: Una visionaria dominicana en Nueva York


Feb 18, 2006
If you have in you no one can kill that, even if they throw you in George Washington High school, one of the worse schools of NYC back in the 80's.

Great for her and our communities.
May 29, 2006
They had a great independent documentary a few years back called Mad Hot Ballroom which showed a competition for ballroom dancing in Washington Heights for fifth graders. Lots of Dominican kids in the film and it showed how dancing improves a kid's self-esteem. They said kids who had been in the program had a much smaller chance of getting into gangs or other trouble when they got into their teens. It really showed how much these teachers care about their kids. Who knows, maybe your sister-in-law helped to get it started.