La Republica de Gates??



Seattle, Washington, USA. Microsoft chairman Williaml Gates announced on Columbus Day that he was willing to have Microsoft pay the Dominican Republic US $100,000,000. & open a Microsoft assembly plant in Samana which would emply 25,000 Dominicans if the country agreed to rename itself "Gates" or the "Republic of Gates", for the next 200 years. Gates stated that the official language could remain Spanish. Gates explained that the only reason for the inclusion of the word "Dominicana" in the name of the country is that coincidentally Columbus 1st landed on the island on Sunday - "Domingo". Gates thought that this was a 15th century reason for this great country's 21st century name. President Meijia said he would take Gates request under advisement, but warned that government overhead & commissions to the PRD would require at least 15% of the gross amount. Hippolitto promised to respond 'manana' after appointing a 29 member government commission to study Gates' proposal.