La Romana - Paris CDG May 27 evacuation flight


Aug 13, 2006
In case someone interested. From a facebook group announcement.

Tickets available for a flight to Paris on May 27th, 2020!

As the seats available are limited please send your request as soon as possible.

Flight scheduled for May 27th, 2020 Wednesday, at 16:30 from La Romana airport to Paris (for French citizens and EU citizens with a connection flight) and from Paris to Kiev (for Ukrainian citizens only).

Adult ticket price is $750 to Paris or Kyiv, infant ticket price is $250.
To book your ticket please send a copy of your passport to
For more information you may contact Anex Tour representatives by the phones +1 (829) 259-5248 and +1 (809) 712-9995.
All the passengers except Ukrainian citizens would be dropped off in Paris CDG airport. Therefore ticket for a connection flight would be requested for all the passengers except Ukrainian and French citizens.
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