Ladrones alive and well in POP airport


Oct 26, 2004
So after a 2 year hiatus, I flew out of POP airport last Friday...and not shocked to see some things don't change, they only get worse. I have had several incidents when going through security with items that "they" don't allow...items that one can bring along in their carry-on EVERWHERE else in the world except POP. Each time, I ask for the jefe and thus far have never surrended any of my personal items to the crooks who work there. My big issue is perfume. Being $$, I always put it in my allotted ziploc bag in my carry on as it falls within the required size limit. I have travelled this way extensively elsewhere, no problems...except in POP. At the check in counter, the passenger beside me is asking the agent about liquids in carry ons and they said "no perfume". I really was not in the mood to get into it with those fools so reluctantly unlocked the TSA-approved locks on my luggage and concealed the 2 bottles I had, best I could. The baggage handler beside the check in agent, I swear, made a mental note of my luggage.
So fast forward, go through with no problems...I was surprised it wasn't snowing in POP. Pick up my luggage on arriving home and ...voila...neither suitcase has a lock on it. The one was gone, the other the mother %^&^* kindly placed the cut lock in my suitcase for me , probably to try and prove a point. My some miracel, the had not found my well concealed bottles, maybe they ran out of time, who knows, or cares.
Either way, I am done with POP airport and the DR for now, things just seem to be on a downward spiral it appears.
OK, rant over.;)


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Jan 12, 2013
Same at sdq las americas, security check last time: couple in front of us had to leave perfume and a wine bottle. Our turn, security lady says to my wife u cant carry perfume on board. I say sure u can restrictions were lifted last year, she arrived here on same flight 6 months ago. Hassle, haggle, etc..... my wife flares up in dominacano spanish, listen u c..t, if u think Im going to leave u my coco channel, I ll pour it down the drain and break the bottle rather than have u barrio rat take it home..... lots of commotion and unrestly passengers. security boss comes over, hassle haggle, etc..... ok he says no scandal u can go through now. Thank god I always wrap my cases in plastic now.
Other flight, arrive in campo after 10 hour flight, and 7 hour car journey. Open cases, pair of shoes, one for sonrino, one for friend, only 2 left feet left. My wife had packed right feet in 8ne cas left in an other....Would of liked to see the ladrons face.......


Oct 26, 2004
Yeah, I know it is not endemic to POP or DR for that matter. Had I taken it through and had a hassle, I had planned to smash both bottles on the least the area would have smelled pleasant and given those lazy SOB's something to do in terms of the clean-up.
The one time I had a woman in security try to tell me why it wasn't allowed, I said I was impressed that she had good taste in taste as as I do.
I have no problem adhering to rules,quite the contrary, but made up bogus "rules" from scammers just set me right off.


Sep 27, 2006
Open cases, pair of shoes, one for sonrino, one for friend, only 2 left feet left. My wife had packed right feet in 8ne cas left in an other....Would of liked to see the ladrons face.......

ha ha ha ha, haaaaa (chokes, nearly dies). i gotta apply that trick someday...
all i have to say: look cheap. i look cheap, messy and mad. i get seriously travel sick on planes so i have the air of a drunk homelessness about me. no one ever wants to see my bags, open my bags, touch my bags. and the suitcases are cheap too. cheap and dirty. yeah. i never had any issues leaving DR not coming here (POP, STI, SDQ). fingers crossed...


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Dec 9, 2002
The old backpackers' trick for cutting short a customs check was to put all the unwashed smelly socks and undies at the top of the rucksack.


May 2, 2010
The only way to go thru customs is to look untouchable!