Land Title


Jan 23, 2011
Hi Everyone,
How much does it cost for a land title in the DR? Lawyers fee, etc?
Any advice greatly appreciated!


Mar 22, 2009
We bought property in May 2023. We had the deslinde before we closed on the property (we would not have closed without that nor a title search). We had the title within 2 months after closing. The attorney emailed us a copy of the title and then, on our next visit we picked up the actual title. I completely agree that you definitely, definitely want to work with a real estate attorney you trust. And as much as possible, communicate in writing whether it be via email, WhatsApp, etc, so that you have a record of everything. Using a good RE attorney made the whole process so easy and stress-free. From start to finish, the fees were less than $2,500. Our attorney came highly recommended by a good friend (we had met with a couple of other attorneys before then but did not feel the love & did not go back to them) and we have since used her for a couple of other things. I'm not sure what area you're looking in but that may make a difference in fees, etc. We bought property to build on, in Punta Cana. I'm happy to share her information via pm if you happen to be looking in that area.