Law & Translation in universities?


New member
Oct 11, 2007
Are there any universities in there DR that offer a program to study translation? Also, are most known universities diplomas such as (UNIBE, PUMM) also recognised in Canada (Or the US)? Thing is, I'm entering university next year, and many people tell me that DR has good quality universities for a very good price, so I thought it might be worth it! I'd like to study translation first, then go on to law. I know law is available (Though I might then ahve a problem for the Canadian equivalent?), but can't really find info about translation!

La Profe_1

Oct 15, 2003
You have to be careful with the study of law. The DR, like many other former Spanish colonies, has a legal code based upon the Code Napol?on.

In the United States, only the State of Louisana has a similar legal code. In Canada, I believe that Quebec uses a code based upon the Napoleonic one while English-speaking Canada uses a code similar to most of the US.

What you learn about law in the DR might not transfer very well to Canada.