Learn Spanish?? Puerto Plata?? YES



If you live on the North Coast & want to learn Spanish, I suggest you try the Andrea School; Antera Mota, near the intersection of 27 Febrero, Puerto Plata; 320 7484. Very good faculty who speak English, flexible class hours, small classes, & reasonable prices. Ancrea also teaches French, German, & English - nearly exclusively to Dominicans. The students in the Sapnish classses are all foreigners. Spanish is taught at 3 levels. I'm an American & have been a student at Andrea for 3 months, level 2; I have nothing but priase for this place. The owner/principle - named Andrea, naturally - is a German female & a teacher. A real find!! I recommend it w/o qualification.


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Feb 26, 2002
To take Spanish in Puerto Plata would mean how far of a drive?

I second the shout out on the question of, "Is there any good spanish schools in Santiago?". How far of a drive is it from Santiago to Puerto Plata?


Santiagoiago to Puerto Plata

It tkaes @ 1 hour to drive from Puerto Plata; threre is also much bus service - Caribe tours, Metro, & gua guas frequently travel between the 2 cities. There is 1 elementary school in Santiago that teaches only in English; I don't remember the name; it probably teaches Spanish. Adult Education? I don't know. The American Chamber of Commerce may be helpful. It has a huge office in Santo Domingo, & a samll outpost in Puerto Plata. I don't think they have an office in Santiago. There ore 2 or 3 public universities in Santiago; I don't know if any teach Spanish.


Jan 1, 2002
On another thread I posted that the PUCMM offers classes for Spanish for Foreigners. these are University classes, quite formal, not very big, offered by the Departmento for Applied Linguistics.thier web site is www.pucmmsti.edu.do

there are also Spanish classes at the Centro cultural Dominico-Americano. they are in the book.

there are also private tutors avbailable, and if you ask at the Pucmm, they can point you in the right direction.

Hope this helps.

Oh, yes the American Chamber of Commerce does have an office here....