Legislator sentenced to jail gets to stay in her job until her term expires


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Feb 20, 2019

Ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) deputy Rosa Amalia Pilarte was recently sentenced to five years in jail and the confiscation of several properties after the Supreme Court of Justice judges determined she could not show the legitimate source of these and several bank accounts with large balances in her name.

In her case, the Supreme Court of Justice judges determined she had strong ties to the drug trafficking activities of other members of her family, including her husband, sons and sister, whose cases are being held in the ordinary court jurisdiction.

Yet, the reality is that if the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) does not act to remove her from her duties at the Chamber of Deputies, she will continue to hold her parliamentary immunity until her term expires on 16 August 2024, and stay out of jail, as reported in Noticias SIN.

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