Legislator under investigation in drug trafficking raid says he was helping a close friend


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Feb 20, 2019

The Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) speaker in the Chamber of Deputies, Hector Dario Feliz Feliz stated in his defense that he had given “a ride” to a personal friend, Juan Maldonado Castro shortly after midnight on Wednesday, 8 September 2021. National Drug Control Agency (DNCD) agents were in pursuit of Maldonado Castro for his participation in drug trafficking. As reported, Feliz sat in the back of his car while Maldonado Castro’s chauffeur drove with his boss in the right passenger seat.

Feliz made the remarks speaking at the Chamber of Deputies. He said that he is willing to surrender his immunity as a legislator so that the justice system can complete the investigations against him.

Feliz was not arrested because he has privileged status as a legislator and any criminal case against him needs to be heard in the Supreme Court of Justice...

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