Leonel thanks the nation and Hipolito


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Mar 5, 2003
Fern?ndez dedica su triunfo al pueblo dominicano

Dice que el gesto de Mej?a de reconocer suvictoria fortalece la democracia dominicana

"El j?bilo estall? entre miles de seguidores del electo Presidente, Leonel Fern?ndez, que en las elecciones de este domingo volvi? a la presidencia de la Rep?blica.gan? las elecciones presidenciales en Rep?blica Dominicana, entre juegos pirot?cnicos y bailando el que declararon "el merengue del a?o": E pa' fuera que van."

""Esta es su victoria para todos los dominicanos adentro y en el exterior", dijo Fern?ndez en su primera aparici?n tras la victoria, aludiendo a los casi nueve millones en el pa?s y m?s de un mill?n en el exterior."


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Aug 11, 2003
I've been told that the closest victory in recent history was Salvador Jorge in 1982, with some 53% of the vote. JCE archive says the PRD had 46% back then, but I don't remember if alliances were made. Can the older members remember at all? In any case, Leonel's victory is more notorious, since he came from the opposition.

After disliking the man for four years, I have to acknowledge Hip?lito's graceful acceptance of the people's choice. Many candidates have lost with similar or even bigger margins and refused to accept it (although 50%+ is truly rare). Hip?lito has spared the nation of unneeded tension and potential bloodshed. His swift announcement is the best tool for preventing dirty manouvers by lesser PPH members. I hope future losers learn bowing gracefully is a better conduct than disputing the inevitable. After going back on his word with the re-election issue, Mej?a has saved some face by proving he isn't a total demagogue. And damn it, this is a shot in the arm for Dominican democracy, which gets severely abused Monday through Friday.

The irony is thick today: A terrible stateman serves as an admirable loser.
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Jan 3, 2002
I think he's thinking that in four years time, we may remember this and forget all the horrible things he's done. Dominicans are notorious for having short memories when it comes to politics. We may be just as anxious for Leonel to leave in 4 years time, and may be using his song "E' Pa Fuero Que Van" against him...I sure hope I'm wrong and things start to improve for the country.


Apr 4, 2002
Nice thoughts, but...

An Evil said:
I have to acknowledge Hip?lito's graceful acceptance of the people's choice.
Mej?a has saved some face by proving he isn't a total demagogue.
A terrible stateman serves as an admirable loser.
It would be nice to think that this is what happened, but those who know him well with his dictator wannabe tendencies, know that he is just trying to escape prosecution or worse.
Watch him now. He's going to bleed us for the last little bit he can squeeze out before handing the power over to Leonel.


Dec 9, 2002
Brace yourselves for epic apagones! I am going to be out of the DR for the next three months and I have to say I am relieved not to have to be here during this period.

When I get back, Leonel will be President.