Leonels fires the corrupts and the Hippo picks them up.


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Jul 13, 2006
I agree with the last post the Dominicans are in three groups 1 group have a job because there in the part that is in power. 2 will have a job when the other party gets into power. 3 the group that makes the difference and they are bought off by who ever wins. the corruption is the money the winning part has and they will do nothing for group 2&3 because they have already paid them.


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May 15, 2003
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Jan 5, 2006
The reality is that the PLD and PRD are two groups of highly corrupt people, and are not much different from the other.

The facts is that Hector Rodriguez Pimentel was allowed to rape and pillage through different government ministries of the PLD, and had the reins pulled in, but continued to draw a large salary as a secretary of state without a ministry.

Another irrefutable fact is that LF wined and dined Amable Aristy Castro at the national palace, pleading for his support, a few days before he gave his endorsement to HM.

Now; isn't it highly coincidental that a few days after those 2 decide to support HM in the upcoming elections, Hotoniel Bonilla and the DPCA find the cojones to announce that they would be accused of corruption? Does anyone think that this would be the case, had they decided to back Danilo Medina?