like to vacation to the dr?


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Apr 27, 2006
any recommendation on a nice resort thats not in the capitol and a lot of beautiful women,also strip clubs are they off the hook? couple of my friends told me that they had the best time of their life ,any input would help,Im from new york ,never been to and other country before only place i traveled to was p.r.,dont need a passport there,but you need one to go to d.r.,besides we both speak the same language which is great,they say they treat you like family?
Sep 19, 2005
I hear there is a great resort up in constanza. Its called something ranch. you can go riding.:ninja: :ninja: :ninja: .....ala azb...I make joke ha ha ha ha

but I imagine, you get more responses to go to sosua , boca chica , and puerto plata.............

throw caution to the wind and just throw the dart at the brave!!!!!!!

is there even a strip club in sosua?????? I know there is one in puerto plata..maybe 2

I say rent the cheapest piece of crap automobile you can find, plan a cross country trip to see both sides of the island, buy a box of condoms, and a case of brugal, a few merenge CDs... and report back to us when its all said and done............