Lipomassage/Spa salon in Santo Domingo center?

Gringo Starr

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Aug 11, 2014
Can somebody recommend good Spa/Massage salon for women in Naco/Piantini area with resonable prices?

I visited a SPA clinic in Acropolis yesterday with my Russian girlfriend and asked for the price list. They said there is no price list and she has to be evaluated by the doctor to prescribe the ?treatment?. I asked WTF? We need to know her weight, skin type, blah blah blah they said. Ok, fine. So we set an appointment with the ?specialist?. Magically there were no questions about skin type and weight during that appointment, but there were questions like where is she from (Moscow), is she a model or actress, where we live here (Naco), etc?. I was surprised that they did not ask about make and model of my car and how much money I have on my bank accounts. Anyway, needless to say that finally the price of 20 procedures of LPG lipomassage was so high that it?s cheaper to buy first class tickets to Moscow and do it there. Ok, at least they offered a free coffee.

So the question is: Is there a place in Naco/Piantini area where they have machines for different type of procedures like LPG lipomassage, etc. with resonable prices? I know some places in other parts of the city, but it?s not worth it to waste a couple of hours in Santo Domingo traffic every time.