Listin Diario protests slow investigation into press violations; people say service at the Canodromo has improved


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Feb 20, 2019

Listin Diario protests that a month after the Transit and Land Transportation Security Agency (Digesett) violent acts against the Ombudsman and Listin Diario and CDN reporters that visited the Canodromo vehicular retention center the country does not know the status of the investigation nor the course of the complaints filed by the victims.

Listin Diario recalls in a story on 11 May 2022 that between noon and one o’clock on 11 April 2022, freedom of the press in the Dominican Republic suffered a major blow. What would have been a normal work day of the press to investigate the denunciations of extortion made by owners of vehicles detained at the El Coco dog racetrack (El Canodromo) turned into a major press aggression. The Listin Diario and TV crew of CDN were violently stripped of their work equipment and the Digesett agents physically beat the journalists and the Ombudsman, Pablo Ulloa. Ulloa...

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Apr 1, 2014
One the clearest examples of the problems the plague all of the law enforcement agencies in this country is the fact they just transfer agents to another location for their bad behavior so they can reoffend at some point in the future rather than discipline or fire them.