Living in Cabarete



Hi Everyone,

Can anyone shed some light on living in Cabarete?

For example, cost of a one bedroom apartment, living conditions, is it a noisy area, does Cabarete have crime and loud partying?

Also, I heard the internet constantly goes down. I run an internet buisness, so please let me know the likelihood of this happening.

I am looking to relocate to Cabarete but need more information.




May 29, 2004
1 bedroom apartment can run you from US$500-$1000+ depending on location. They can be had cheaper, but location & security could be an issue, would be without a/c, and quite likely not include internet.

There are areas safer than others. Ask as you get closer to making a decision on a specific location.

You should be able to find an apartment in a relatively quiet area. When you get around to looking, just visit the area at night of the apartment you are interested in to get a feel for the community. If you're not situated over or next to the bars in town, directly on the main street (traffic noise), or by any small Dominican disco/restaurant/bar - you should be fine barring any unusually loud neighbors.

If you want safe, well-located, reasonably priced look at Cita del Sol. 1 bedrooms will run you about $550-$650 a month depending on length of contract & availability. Internet used to be iffy there, but may be better.

For $700-$800/month you can have a studio (50 sq meters) in a place such as Ocean Dream. Internet generally more reliable.

Prices above would include furnishings, a/c, electric, internet, etc.


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Sep 19, 2008
I would agree about Cita del Sol for several reasons. First, and foremost, security and central location so you can walk everywhere easily and conveniently. Its reasonably quiet and back from the street. Some apartments are quieter than others, though, and some are more recently renovated than others. The internet bandwidth has recently been doubled with a second T-1 line, or you can run your own DSL to your rented apartment.

Ocean One or Ocean Dream are newer. There are studios for about $650, but they are on the street and I would expect them to be noisy. If you can spend more money, I spoke with someone paying $1,400/month for a two bedroom near the beach and it sounded nice. I also spoke with someone who had their cell phone and Ipod stolen at Ocean Dream recently, probably by workers, and the rental agency was unsympathetic. The new center of town in Cabarete seems to be moving to across the street from Ocean Dream at the opening of Callejon de la Loma, so in time restaurants and stores will open up. In fact its happening already.

Other options would be Wind Chimes and Rennaisance, both in the center of Cabarete.


May 29, 2004
Ocean One or Ocean Dream are newer. There are studios for about $650, but they are on the street and I would expect them to be noisy.
I rented a studio long term until very recently at Ocean Dream and the street noise is not a big issue if you're using the air conditioner. If you had windows open you would hear the traffic - but probably still quieter than living in some other locations.

I also rented long term at Cita del Sol, which is why I'm comfortable reccommending both. Very different from each other, but each good within their price range.