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Sep 5, 2007
I am an American citizen and have been going to the DR for years- I love it and have developed some very close friendships and even become Padrino to a little girl there. I am 48 years of age and am thinking it would be great to just go there and settle - but I am unsure how to do this ..I don;t want to give up my American citizenship- but I would like to become a resident in the DR. Is it easy and does anyone know how to go about it? And maybe working part time teaching English? I speak German and pretty decent Spanish, is there a call for that in case my funds start drying up before my pension kicks in?


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Jun 15, 2009
capital parents

Can anyone give me some insight? I am currently living in NY - Long island - i have three children 3-5-7. I have visited DR many times - when i was single. I am able to work from anywhere there is relieable internet access.
1. Are the schools any good? will your children be able to get accepted to the ivy's with DR High school credentials? ( i am assumming private schools ) SAT'S ?? AP courses?
2. Any social life for the non-spanish speaking ? ( I do speak basic spanish )
3. Parks - recreation - classes for the kids??
4. Any major crime issues?



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welcome to the DR1 bord buddy.
yes, we have schools who's degrees are accepted abroad,
if willing to pay the bucks for the good private schools the education will be even classes above what long island can offer.
we have high speed internet connections available,
we watch Sat TV,
we sorrily even have Mc Donalds down here on the Isle.

take a few minutes of your time and use the 'search' function on top of this page and for left over Q's provide some more details about whatcha looking for.
welcome to paradise Isle

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May 29, 2009
I have been here for 5 years and have NO regrets! Do you know what area of the island you would like to come to?


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Dec 11, 2003
If you have young children your options are going to be limited to those towns which have really good bilingual schools. I know there is a new school in Punta Cana but the main schools are in the Capital. Tuition at Carol Morgan runs about $12k US per year so it is not cheap. I do not know about other schools which are accredited in the States.

As for finding work before your pension kicks in.... that is a risk. You will be lucky to make $500 to $1000 a month here even in the Capital. But but but but

Despite what some may say, I find it much cheaper to live here than in the States.


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that's right Annie,
in case of schools the capital city has much more choices to choose from than the remote Punta Cana.
but on the other hand tehre's only one good school needed.
we have Carol Morgan's here with the mentioned top rates,
Centro Educativo Punta Cana at the Punta Cana Village is also a top choice for top rates, and 2 more private bilingual schools for more effordable rates around.
there's a new one at Pueblo Bavaro which looks good, named Calasanz Pueblo Bavaro, runs for around $3K per year excluding transportation.
to the working til pension kicks in,
always the same theme,
without papers to qualify for a top job in any section no big bucks should be expected, Annie gave around the right ballpark for that.
to come over and teach english i would recommend to contact schools directly and in person, they sure want to know a person before they consider to give out a teaching job. i don't know how good paid such teaching jobs are, would not expect it to be a high paid job, the top schools will have higher salaries for their teachers, but they sure require proof to get a real teacher/educator with experience on the job.