Living on the Caribbean side


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Feb 28, 2006
This is my first post at DR1...

I have read through the forums looking for some information on living on the Caribbean side of the DR. There is a wealth of information about the north coast - and some about life in Santo Domingo. Can anyone tell me about the 'pro and cons' of life of the Caribbean side - or point me to some 'threads' that would have some information.




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Jan 1, 2002
You're right. There have been far more posts about North Coast than South. But do a search of the dr1 archives for Puna Cana, La Romana, Juan Dolio, and San Pedro de Macoris. You should get some hits.

One thing about South coast is increased risk during hurricane season. You are much more likely to be affected by a hurricane there than on the North Coast.

Welcome to the board. I hope you will keep posting.


May 3, 2000
Actually, hurricanes are not as common as one would be lead to believe. Santo Domingo (in the southcentral part of the country) has been hit in 1979 and in 1998. See if you are interested in hurricanes.

People who live in Santo Domingo do so because it is a big city, with the good and bad that brings.

Actually, it rains more in Puerto Plata than in Santo Domingo.

I think this is the Caribbean, which means tropical weather. I don't think the nuances of difference between the south and northern side weather-wise can be determining factors, as they are slight.

Our recommendations is always to live for a trial period in an area to see if the lifestyle fits you. At different points in our lives, different places are valid.

For instance, I live and work smack in the middle of the city because I have three growing up boys. But the day they are off on their own, I want to move to a house right beside the sea, also in Santo Domingo, but 15-20 minutes from the city center.


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Mar 2, 2002
I live in Juan Dolio......5 to 6 months of the year!!

I LOVE it here......

Close enough to Santo Domingo for regular shopping excursions and even closer to San Pedro de Macoris for grocery shopping.

On the Beach where the sun mainly shines (except rainy season) with only a fraction of the rainfall the North Coast gets.

The sea is the Carribean NOT the Atlantic Ocean where water temperatures are warmer and the sea is much calmer than the Atlantic.

There are several golf courses near by and it is a good base from which to make excursions to other parts of the island.

Little crime (and even less night life, which for us is a good thing) and both the city and Alto de Chavron are nearby for movie going or concerts.

Read my blog (Life in Paradise - from the beach in Juan Dolio) from start to finish (look in the archive sections of the blog) for a bird's eye view of life on the beach. Keep reading as I have yet to finish posting about our trip north and haven't even started on our trip west this past weekend!

The Samana, Las Terranas area is the only area of the island we haven't explored yet however, it's always great to come back to Juan Dolio when our mini vacation is over. That was also the consensus of our companion on this last trip, who has also been coming to the DR for 15 yrs and has travelled all over the island.


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Feb 28, 2006

I found your blog yesterday afternoon and have been reading through the archives

Some of things you mentioned in your post are very attractive to my wife and I:

- water temperatures are warmer and the sea is much calmer than the Atlantic

- little crime (and even less night life...)

We are about two to three years from making the move to a 'warm ocean' and the DR has moved itself into the top 3 on the list.