LNG in the DR. How big is the usage?


Jun 28, 2003
This morning I was reading the holdings of an investment firm that I am thinking of buying shares in, in the next few days. I came across one of their holdings being a very substantial interest here in the DR in a company that provides LNG to the DR. Very large investment. Any ideas regarding the DR's usage? How much of the energy used here is LNG?


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Apr 24, 2019
The Pueblo Viejo mine has/is switching to natural gas to power their generators. They have been getting away from heavy fuel oil. Some believe it was to lower the co2 emissions but it is clearly a cost saving measure. Natural gas is cheap and more efficient. How that translates into an LNG investment is only good
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JD Jones

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Jan 7, 2016
lots of vehicles running off LNG. Most households and restaurants using LNG for stoves.
I think you mean LPG, not LNG. A large percentage of the vehicles on the road here use LPG for fuel and restaurants and households use it as well.

LNG is having a tough time of it getting off the ground but a lot of industries and power plants are making the switch to LNG.

I bet one day Punta Catalina will switch as well.