Lobbying for the passing of the Logistics Center Bill


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Feb 20, 2019

Representatives of the Logistics Cluster of the Dominican Republic, the Dominican Association of Free Zones (Adozona), the Dominican Association of Logistics Centers (Asologic) and the Association of Shipping Companies (ANRD) were at the Senate to push for the passing of a new bill that fosters logistics centers in the country.

They met with the Industry and Commerce Committee of the Senate, chaired by Senator Alexis Victoria Yeb, to stress the benefits of the Bill on Logistics Centers, Logistics Center Operating Companies and Logistics Operating Companies.The bill is now in the Chamber of Deputies.

According to a press release Luis José Bonilla for Adozona, Alexander Schad, Jaak Rannik for the shippers and Marco Henriquez representing freight forwarders. explained the private sector harmonized the bill with the Customs Agency. The bill includes articles to...

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