Location of Orphanage in Puerto Plata

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Mar 6, 2007
Does anyone know the address/location of an orphanage in Puerto Plata, there is a group of volunteers visiting the country next month and they wish to visit one? Also, the address/location of an Old Age Peoples Home (I'm told one does exist in Puerto Plata) would also be of benefit.

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Jan 1, 2002
Generally speaking, this type of visit is frowned upon by the people that run orphanages. These visits need to be well planned and documented. People who speak Spanish and have the bona-fides should do the negotiations. These places are not zoos.

Unless these are pediatricians or gerontologists, I can't see much good coming from such an impromptu visitation. Well planned, it can be rewarding.

BTW, kids need clothes and food more than toys.

Hope you find some way to make this work..
Perhaps you could contact someone at Mustardseed....now THAT is a worthy place.




May 13, 2006
In an old thread the girls orphanage in POP requests a phone call before considering a visit.
Casa Albergue de Martina--girls orphanage
The orphanage phone number is (809) 261-0276

HB's wise advice is better though.

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Jul 9, 2013
There is an orphanage on the main road to Costambar, on the right just before the entrance to Costambar. We have dropped off food unannounced and were well received. We know some of the kids there. Cops drop kids off there but do not provide any support.
Aug 21, 2007
There is an orphanage assisted by Le Profe and the Catholic Diocese, being run by Venezuelan nuns. It is located near Sosua, near Puerto Chiquito. Perhaps you contact Le Profe (here on dr1) and she will help you with introductions and a list of needs.

Know that orphanages in the DR are not always like those in other countries. Many children are dropped off by parents or friends when they are unable, for one reason or another, to care for the child. If and when circumstances change, they pick up the child and bring him/her back home.

The old folk's home is off Avenida Circunvacion. (spelling?) Pass the public hospital on the left. Pass the road to the cable cars. At the bottom of the hill just before leaving the city and reaching the university, there is a street light. On the left hand side of the road is a small street that heads up a little hill and the old folk's home is on the right. When you get in the area, stop and ask and someone will give you better directions than my pitiful ones here.

The old folk's home is self supporting. They always need bed linens, rice, soap, and the basics necessary for every day living.

I think Hillbilly's advice is well taken. Don't just arrive unannounced. They won't appreciate it, I believe. These are not places for sight seers or well wishers who have no knowledge of cultural sensitivities or intent for ongoing support. Please forgive me if this sounds harsh. It is not intended to be.

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Sep 27, 2006
old people's home in POP is on manolo tavarez justo. directions as lindsay's described. it cannot be missed, it's on the main street of POP, next door to UTESA:
Hijas de la Caridad Hogar de Ancianos, S A. Av M T Justo 32, Puerto Plata. (809) 586-2991
you can arrive there unannounced but do not expect the tour of the premises, i've only been there to drop off supplies. they will accept anything, from medicine to a dead pig. every little helps.

casa albuquerqe de martina is on the same street as prison, just closer to the city. this is also a school. while school supplies will be received with gratitude the idea to see the place may be not.