Lomas Mironas


Dec 25, 2003
I am looking for information regarding the non gated area of Lomas Mironas. Any members live in the area? How is the situation for water from Corraplata and electeicity from Edenorte? Are there a lot of problems with home invasion? I know there is a large dog rescue facility close by on El Choco road. Is there much noise from this at night?


Apr 29, 2014
Living outside the gated portions leaves you exposed and vulnerable. There have been home invasions an other crimes in the area in the past. I haven't heard of any recently. The power goes out frequently like it does everywhere in the area. You absolutely need to drill your own well for water and have a large cistern. You cannot rely on Coraplata for consistent water delivery. When I lived in that area (inside the gate) I replaced the existing inverter with a bigger one and had a 12 battery bank for backup power. A tinaco on the roof for water when I couldn't pump from the well or from the cistern directly. Essentially to live there your house needs to be self sufficient in being able to provide your basic needs all the time. Not a bad idea to have a shotgun for home defense . Yes you can hear the rescue dogs but not normally late at night, usually early mornings and during the day. This advice is pretty much the same no matter where you choose to live unless you pick a community that provides you with backup power from a generator and does it's own water delivery system. You may find that your neighbors are not there a lot of the time or if they are they are not close enough to offer you much comfort or assistance.