looking for a Piano and also a Violin teacher near Sosua-Cabarete-Puerto Plata

J D Sauser

Nov 20, 2004
My 10 year old son has picket up piano almost 2 year ago and made some very good progress.
He has had some early initial formal lessons with a local German lady but he took off on his own towards Jazz (Standards and recently Bebop) playing by "ear" and learning from youtube videos.
We changed teacher 8 months ago to a very professional Dominican Jazz teacher with whom he has done extremely well.
We also recently got a quality student violin which triggered his interest to the point that he was able to play some basic scales on it within days.

Our local Jazz/Pop teacher has taken a new orchestra assignment in Santo Domingo and we thus are looking for someone here in the region. I wouldn't also mind him picking up formal education (reading and writing sheet music) TOO, as long his ear playing and basic intervalic playing is being pushed ahead too.
We all speak fluently Spanish, English and German. I also speak French and we believe we could deal with a French speaker too.

We are also for instruction on the Violin.

Furthermore, we will be moving into a rather large house near Sosua Cabaret by the end of this year and would invite parents of kids playing or learning to play to establish contact with me in order to build groups of young musicians to practice and together. We would gladly offer our space for non-commercial use to facilitate these interactions.

Please post here or PM

Thanks!... J-D. Sauser