Looking for a wooden rocking chair!


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Oct 12, 2005

I have been looking around for an average wooden rocking chair here in Puerto Plata for my wife (and I) to use when helping our baby fall asleep. It doesn't have to be anything too glamourous, just your average rocking chair.

So far I have only found ones that are very expensive - over $10,000 or in groups of 2 or 4 at once. I found a few places that sell ones for outdoor use which are really too big for what I need (and metal or wicker) and ones that come in sets with sofas, etc. Basically I just need a simple wooden rocking chair that I could put in our nursery . . .

Someone suggested that they build nice ones in Mocha, but I thought I would put out a feeler bet and see if anyone was selling a used one or knew where I could buy one here in Puerto Plata.


The Virginian

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Mar 16, 2007
Give Jose a call. He and his brother build funriture here in Puerto Plata, we have some. I'm not sure if he makes rocking chairs. Ask him 1.809.881.2754, speaks some English. Nise, honest, hard working guys and they stand by their products.

Bob Boyd

Feb 3, 2004
I bought several nice wooden rockers in the Santiago market for less than US$100.00. Not knowing street names, the only directions I can give you are that there are a number of Dominican furniture stores on the street that leads up out of the market, to the suspension bridge which will be on your right at the top of a small hill. Two or three of the stores have several types and you should compare prices between them.


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Jan 13, 2006
30 minutes ago I saw what you are looking for, I think. It is exactly on the corner of the street going down to the muelle and also the bar "La Canita" (harbor), at the traffic lights close to UTESA University when you are on the big avenue. When you enter Puerto Plata from the side of Imbert, Navarete, on the left side at the first traffic lights. There were 3 nice woodden rocking chairs outside the shop. It doesn't seem it is an expensive shop. I did not see any price and as I was by car couldn't stop.
Hope this will help you Please let me know, thanks