Looking for an Apartment/Condo to buy in Santiago de los Caballeros

J D Sauser

New member
Nov 20, 2004
We are looking for an apartment in a newer development IN Santiago. One or two bed rooms/ 1 to 1.5 Bath.
Dominican "Residencial", Dominican Price.
Like those "Deals" often "endorsed" by banks pitched to locals.
I might also appreciate references for a good Dominican Real Estate Agent for Santiago who won't try to insult my intelligence trying to be "muy vivo" (I just don't have any tolerance for "tigueraje" left).

I purposely don't disclose a "price" range or "budget". While I understand that most sellers and agents would love to have that information from a prospective buyer, it's a stupid thing to do as a buyer. I know thou pretty exactly what I am looking at.

Both, posts here or PM is fine.

Thanks! ... J-D.