Los Altos de Chavón


Dec 12, 2016
Here are some photos from Saturday. I declared today is canned beer day, just because every other day is bottled beer day.

I lived in Los Altos California for many years and it's similar to Los Altos Dominican Republic, it's the richest area (wealthy is a dangerous word) in DR i've been so far. Like 40% of the cars are Porsche. which can mean only one thing lol. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley were married just around the corner.

I hear there's also an island called Catalina Island, but I haven't visited. Maybe it's like the one that Wrigleys owns near Los Angeles. I've been to Catalina Island in LA (to the public part anyway), so if i make it to the DR Catalina Island I can compare and contrast.


it's a great place to visit, definitely put on your vacation list.