Luis Henry Molina forges ahead with justice online


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Feb 20, 2019

The Judicial Branch is leading a process to transform justice in these Covid-19 times. The Dominican Republic is following the global change where most hearings will only be in person when there is no other alternative. Most parties will be able to engage virtually or online rather than in person.

It’s already happening here. Supreme Court of Justice presiding judge Luis Henry Molina says that 85% of the hearings have been virtual, 15% have been face-to-face. As a strong backer of online justice, Molina says the virtual system will contribute to updating statistics and monitoring all situations that occur in the judiciary.

He emphasized that connectivity has been improving and that they are helping lawyers with few skills to get on part with the new technological tools. “We turned this pandemic crisis into an advantage,” he said.

Molina gives as an example of...
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