MacBook Pro Charger in Puerto Plata?


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Feb 17, 2015
Does anyone know where I can purchase a Macbook Pro charger in Puerto Plata town? Mine is slowly dying
(the cord is literally disintegrating) and I need one urgently before it dies on me. Thanks!


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Aug 13, 2006
Be careful what you are buying here. All is cheap Chinese stuff. Can burn your computer. Your better bet would be Amazon or eBay.


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Feb 17, 2015
Thanks Bred! Amazon delivers here?? Or will I need to find someone coming to the DR?


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Jan 2, 1999
Go to the one of 3 or 4 MacStores (official resellers) in Santo Domingo. Also I think they have 1 or 2 in Santiago.


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Jan 17, 2009
Call You can order with them and quite likely they can send it to you via Metro. They did ship my laptop after repairs.

It may be more expensive though that simply ordering it from Apple and have it sent to a Miami freight forwarding company. CPS and EncargoPaq are the least expensive. EPS not so much.


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Jan 9, 2009
Playa Najayo & South Jersey
Thank you all for the info and options! I might have to day trip to SD for it.
I needed the same thing for my MacBook Pro, and we went to PuntoMac in NovoCentro, very professional and helpful guys there. I'd call first, because initially they thought they didn't have one in stock and were going to order it for me, but then someone found one. It was still under warranty and they didn't charge me for it.

PuntoMac - Contactos
There is another Cercomsa (am I spelling this right??) in Santiago. It's up the road from Hache ferretera. There is also a big Scotia bank plaza type of thing.
If you are on the main road where you pass Burger King, then you pass McDonald and kfc and national will be on your right as well as travel that road for a bit maybe 10 min? Ok so you turn right on the main road right before that SB plaza and cercomsa will be on your left after about 5 min

I think they must be th main office. They were very nice but weren't quite sure what I was talking and I had to talk to 3 people it was for a 17 inch MacBook so thought it would be pretty straight forward.
Finally a lady found it the Warehouse behind them.

I was kinda surprised by the price I do t even remember what it was but they gave me a discount of 1000 pesos I guess by I made a joke about it being Cheaper in Canada??
Anyways they are very nice.
Even if the OP doesn't use it thought is would be good for people to know about this one as well.