Made in cabarete bazaar 5th edition

Alita Akashi

New member
Oct 1, 2013

Cabarete, Oct the 1,st 2013 - For the fifth time this year, local handcrafters are coming together to be part of the ?Made in Cabarete Bazaar,? a monthly event that gathers independent creators and artists from the Cabarete area and unites the community in a fun, laid-back afternoon.

The Made in Cabarete Bazaar emerged as local crafters were looking for a way to promote their products. ?I started my business and at times felt like I was the only one doing this. Once at a sale I bought something from Sabrina and told to myself ?Wait! We?re doing the same thing!?? said Christina, part of the MiC Team and owner of J*Luli Designs, a venture of handmade, high-quality goods for children. A few weeks later, she and Sabrina put together the first bazaar on Kite Beach. Since then, Alita and Carolina joined and the event was moved to Emerald, in the heart of town. Today, the Made in Cabarete Bazaar features between 12 to 18 crafters and is attended by up to 500 people in one afternoon.

?The MiC bazaar is not only a great opportunity for locals to display their products, but it?s also a chance for tourists to purchase souvenirs that are out of the ordinary. It?s a win-win!,? says Alita, founder and owner of Ra?z, offering organic herbal remedies for holistic healing. Adding to that, the idea of a sunset bazaar with live music has become an entertainment option for Cabarete families as they sit on the beach and share the good times. ?We?re all here because we appreciate the beauty of this place. Coming together on the first Saturday of every month to promote the unique products that can arise from our region and to celebrate our sense of community is something to look forward to,? said Carolina, co-owner of The Honey Company, a small apiary that sells raw honey from local blossoms and local bees.

As the town moves slowly into the low season, the Bazaar is also a fantastic way to support the local economy, keeping Cabarete active in spite of the lack of tourists. ?We won?t stop. Our aim is to be here for all vendors and all buyers through thick and thin. This is what will make us strong,? adds Sabrina, owner of Coco Beads, a chic beachy jewelry line that evokes everything sand and summer.

This month?s version will include live entertainment by Aaron Matthew, all-time favorites like Cambio Leather Goods and Umpa Chocolate, as well as new offerings including innovative bags from a designer form Puerto Plata, and art by Verona Pe?alba. As always, we?ll meet on the first Saturday of the month at Emerald Beach from 4 pm to 8 pm. See you there!

For more information about all vendors and how to participate in the bazaar, please visit the Made in Cabarete Bazaar?s Facebook page.