Major delays in processing at government lab


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Feb 20, 2019

Lab technicians at the Doctor Defilló National Laboratory say that around 20,000 Covid-19 samples for tests have not been processed because of lack of inputs and staff. The lab is the government’s main Covid-19 testing facility.

The Dominican Association of Bioanalysts (Codobio) denounced that staff at the lab is only 30. These work in two shifts of up to 14 hours, seven days a week, but have not been able to anywhere keep up with the demand for tests.

The spokesperson for Codobio says that the staff is exhausted. Around 3,000 to 3,200 samples daily are received from all over the country, when the center’s processing capacity is only 1,200 samples per day.

Most of the PCR tests in the Dominican Republic are being carried out at private labs. The tests carried out at the Laboratorio Nacional Dr. Defillo are free to the general public.

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Dec 5, 2013
So with the backlog of this supposed 20k tests and with the positivity rate from yesterday of 28.8 %, these tests would bring 5766 new cases instantly... A couple of days it was reported that the cases would be at around 85k when Abinader assumes power... I cannot see how on earth is that possible... Who made that estimation must have much better math skills than I do...So in the next ten days, it would mean there can only be less than 1000 new cases a day, unless of course they do some "magic tricks" with the numbers...

It might of course be that they just don't care anymore (MSP), as they seem to be really prepared six months into the pandemic...